Power Transformers

Power Transformers enhances the productivity as well as maximizes the capacity level of the high power supply equipments. These are ultimate for the regular power without any cut off. They are used for control high voltage and frequency for the different systems. Power Transformers having the following standards:
They can assist three phases.
There ratings are upto 2000 KVA.
Its frequency is 50 hz and ONAN cooling.
Copper and aluminium winding material is used in this.
Applicable Standards are IS, IEC, ANSI, JIS, etc.
It is sufficient for primary as well as secondary voltage.

Technical Specification

Ratings : Upto 2000 kVA
Applicable Standards : IS, IEC, ANSI, JIS, etc.
Cooling : ONAN
Insulating Fluid : Mineral Oil to specification
Frequency : 50 Hz
Primary Voltage : Upto 33 kV Class
Secondary Voltage : 415,433 V(Other voltages as required)
Winding Material : Copper / Aluminium
Taping Range : ± 5% in steps of 2.5% (Other tapings as required)
Impedance : In line with applicable standards.

Standard Fittings

• Filling Device
• Drain Plug
• Oil Level Indicator
• Lifting Lugs
• Earthing Terminal
• Rating and Diagram Plate
• Primary Bushings
• Cable Terminations
• HV/LV Cable Box ( As per customer requirement)
• Rollers (Uni Directional / Bi-Directional)
• Drain Valve
• Conservator and Silica Gel Breather .
• Pressure Relief Device
• Off Circuit Tap Changer
• Bucholz Relay ( As per customer requirement)
• Winding Temperature Indicator with Trip & Alarm( As per customer requirement)

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